Short post this time.

This is a  heart-warming story, which you have probably read,  but, nevertheless, I   could not  resist posting  again  [in  my blog] purely because it is such a wonderfully  life affirming pick me up and rather good for our own well-being.

Of course, I know it is virtually seen as a scientific fact (and probably proved), that dogs imitate their guardians, but this story brings such a new warm feeling to my Vegan soul, that I must respond in some way.

At any rate we  vegans really need cheering up at the moment  since we are are in one of the most heart breaking, critical and divisive moments ever  in Vegan history  simply because pressure to take the vaccine is so huge and the ingredients, lab test etc.. are not available in the public domain  for vegans to make ani informed decision.

My own paltry research has discovered that  these  vaccines are not  (no matter what the manufacturers and establishment may say) vegan friendly, and therefore all of us vegans have the unenviable choice between saving animals (from human exploitation for years to come )  or saving humans per se.

I will refuse the vaccine because so may animals have already been euthanised and many more will suffer at the hands of the scientists in labs.

After all is said and done Vegans are not hypocrites and it just seems a waste of all my years arguing against cruel laboratory experiments[ with innocent animals] and despite PETA saying vegans should take the vaccine, I will refuse the jab.

Please bear in mind  I am not pressurising Vegans in anyway, so please do your own research and decide what is best for you.

Groovy stuff.