We are pleased to announce that Veganpicks has been added to the Vegan Directory UK.

By way of introduction and according to their website:

“The Vegan Directory UK is a web project designed to help vegans find and support vegan owned and run companies and organisations, and to help those organisations find customers.

Vegan Directory UK is a specialised directory, only listing 100% vegan businesses, charities, organisations covering the UK – England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland + Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey (i.e. the British Isles).”

Having looked at the website of the Vegan Directory it certainly does offer a comprehensive listing of 100% Vegan enterprises and Individual traders from Vegan Accountants to Vegan Bakers.

For this the Directory is to be applauded since it really does offer a readily available supply source for 100% Vegans looking for those hard to find Vegan services and Vegan products.

All in all the Vegan Directory is a welcome addition to the UK Vegan community since it is one of the few online UK directories which matches 100% Vegan businesses with 100% Vegans.

The UK Vegan Directory website