Pates do foie gras is a national dish in France and, furthermore is regarded as a delicacy to certain upmarket palettes in Europe. 

This barbaric dish was created a long time ago in Strasbourg, France (home of the EU).

It is a most disgusting dish made with a shameless barbaric animal cruelty which beggars belief.

At any rate I stumbled across an old vegetarian book (published in the Victorian age) which does go into great detail how this despicable dish was “created” 


“A most barbarous practice.

” I presume most persons have heard something of the process of fattening geese for the purpose of enlarging their livers, which are considered by the eating and drinking gentry in France as a great rarity.

This business, revolting as it is both to the feelings and taste of a person of undepraved appetite, is made a regular occupation in certain parts. Men and women both follow the art of thus fattening geese as their only means of getting a worldly subsistence. It is carried on principally in Belgium.

The mode is as follows:

Geese of a suitable size are nailed with their feet upon a board, a T-headed nail and a piece of leather being used for each foot.  

The animals thus fastened are set before a fire. This is done to cause a feverishness in their systems, through which they became very thirsty.

Pots of milk are then set by them, of which freely they drink to quench their thirst.

After this they are fed with a dough of Indian meal as long as they will eat. 

More is then forced into their throats and pressed down their neck into the stomach. 

This is a practice that requires a little barbaric tact, otherwise the animals would become choked. 

*’The best and most costly of these articles are made in Strasbourg, to which city the livers are taken from Belgium. 

One liver from any fatted up Goose (extracted by despicable means) is then added, with a portion of fat pig pork, and surrounded with very rich pastry, sufficient for two pies, each of which are sold in Paris and London at one-pound sterling. 

As to the retail selling of this horrific product the pie is subsequently transported to retailers in a circular box, about the size of a three-quart measure. 

We see many of these in the windows of the pretentious shops and pastry establishments of Paris, and sometimes in higher end retail shops in London frequented by London’s aristocrats.

Even today this abomination of a food product  is considered, by many a hunting and shooting type of person, as of  great rarity. 

The poor and labouring part of the community cannot, of course, indulge in so desirable a high priced luxury, which only confirms the common sense of the common man.

In conclusion the fat goose liver pie is the most disgusting dish ever inflicted on the barbaric tastes of the European middle-classes.”

Well that certainly is one pure exploitation of some poor Geese bred for the sole purpose of satisfying the palate of some quite frankly, odd and privileged humans.

In addition, it is as if Christmas wasn’t bad enough for the poor Goose, we now find out that even today the landed gentry of this country and Europe are still indulging in purchasing this barbarous omnivore delicacy.

In fact in London; Harrods and Fortnum’s still sell this cruel dish at a very high price without any shame whatsoever to the sellers or buyers..

This must stop.

I say: Down with them!

It is to the shame of all countries in Europe that this practice still goes on, and, of course,  it is best to ignore the futile attempts of the toothless EU (based in Strasbourg), for animal welfare reform, as they are useless, and leave it to sovereign countries in Europe to ban this despicable practice.

Remember, we can only influence our own national parties (and Royal Families) by voting for national change and avoiding trade blocs such as the red tape EU, which has no real power to influence sovereign governments when it comes to animal cruelty in Europe (bull fighting, dog fighting etc.)

At any rate why not vote for The UK Vegan Party, which is dedicated to upholding the rights of Vegans looking to influence meat eaters to stop their cruelty in an omnivora world.


Passage taken from:




By William Lambe MD, New York, 1854