It’s that time of year when salads come into their own, however like all simple food; ingredients must be fresh and sourced from quality local suppliers and supermarkets, or they just won’t have the X factor which discerning Vegans crave for their sophisticated palate.

At the start Salads may be made or created in a number of ways, viz.

Cooked or uncooked vegetables may be used for them, or both mixed together.

The simplest form of salad is French salad, which is generally composed of lettuce or endive, dressed with oil or vinegar. 

The most elaborate is Russian salad, for which cooked vegetables such as carrots, peas, beetroot, etc., cut into neat shapes, are mixed with whatever sauce you wish.

In all instances Salads should always be daintily garnished and made to look as cool (temperature) as possible. 

A very nice way of serving them is to make a number of small Salads, one for each person (or guest), instead of one big bowl and too much cutlery. 

The chief points to be remembered in making and presenting salads are 

1. Use only very fresh vegetables. 

2. Green vegetables such as lettuce or cress should be washed and well drained before using. 

3. Lettuce is better torn up than cut with a knife. 

4. Cooked vegetables for a salad should be only just tender and should be cut into neat shapes. If cooked too much, they will be very soft and break up. 

5. The salad should be served as soon as possible after the dressing is added, as if allowed to stand, the vegetables will become sodden.

6. The nicest oil to use for salads is walnut oil, Olive oil is the next best. 

At any rate, we have pleasure in recommending our two favourite Salad recipes which, we hope, gourmet Vegans and Epicureans of taste should enjoy.

Potato Salad.


Half a kilo of potatoes (cooked).
71ml Vegan white sauce, of your choosing.

A little English mustard and cress. 


Cut the potatoes into dice.

Mix the Vegan white sauce with them.

 Place in a salad bowl. 

Garnish with cress, chia seeds and chopped red chillies.

The potatoes for this dish must be only just cooked, or they will break up. 

Beetroot and Celery Salad. 


226g cooked beetroot.

2 tablespoonfuls Vegan cream alternative. 

226g celery (best part only). 

1 tablespoonful cider vinegar. 


Cut the beetroot into dice, and the celery into small pieces. 

Mix the vegan cream and cider vinegar together and add to the celery and beetroot. 

Mix well, and place in a salad bowl. 

Garnish with the tips of the celery and fresh parsley. 

This is a very nice winter salad and is especially good served with potatoes baked in their skins.

That’s it for now, see you soon.