Short blog post.

My friend an, expert potato grower, has offered his advice in writing on the cultivation of potatoes for all budding Vegan gardeners and Vegan allotment owners in the UK, viz.

All the measurements are imperial.

The soil to ensure a full yield of potatoes should be moderately rich, yet the use of ordinary farmyard and stable manure to more than a very moderate extent has, though increasing the quantity of the crop up to a certain point, a very hurtful effect upon the quality of the tubers, rendering them soft and watery, and incapable of being kept for any length of time. Dwarf varieties will bear more manure uninjured than such as possess a strong habit of growth. 

The best time for planting potatoes is in March, nearer the end than the beginning.

Plenty of space should be given between the rows (two feet for early varieties and two and a half to three feet for second early and main crop) and planted near the surface and earthing up deeply which are most important, since the haulm makes strong growth and the tubers develop freely in the freshly worked soil, whilstthe superfluous moisture is carried off by the deep furrows on each side of the row. 

The ground intended for potato cultivation should be deeply dug before Christmas with a heavy dressing of leaves buried in it, which should have been lying by for some time previous; then the shallow drills should be made and the sets put in in rows of twelve to fifteen inches apart. Beware of frost in winter.

Then cover in with a hoe, and as the growth appears above the surface the soil should be drawn up roundthem and the weeds hoed out. The final earthing up should not take place till the haulms have grown a good height, and then it is a good plan to sprinkle a little artificial manure between the rows. 

The potatoes should be ready by mid-June or later.

As an added bonus to this very short blog here is our favourite old-fashioned recipe for potato soup to try, (modified for vegans).

Potato Soup.  

226g . sliced Spanish Onion sliced Spanish onion.

28g. Flora vegan butter.
680g. potatoes.
Bunch of mixed herbs.

1 litre of vegetable stock.
1 litre of soya milk.
14g. cornflour.

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

In a large saucepan fry the onion in the vegan butter until brown; add the potatoes, herbs, stock, and soya milk.

Cook until the vegetables are tender. Rub through a hair-sieve or blender, Return to the large saucepan and boil up. 

Mix the cornflour with a little cold vegan milk and add to the soup. 

Cook for ten minutes, then add the chia seeds. 

Cook for a further 4 minutes.

Season with parsley and serve with brown vegan bread.