A short post this time on politics, meat eating and vegans, viz.

It is a part of the affairs of mankind to mould the planet’s  natural environment, and , of course, help to create the environment of natural living for posterity; and even in the case of our own bodies, if after so many years of a mistaken meat diet it proved to be difficult to return to the right path, because of one’s taste for meat , it would still be our human duty to make the attempt. 

It is little short of miraculous that the return should be so easy. 

Ages ago, and before the historical period, our ancestors rose from a condition of cannibalism, and doubtless the philistine medicine men of the time took the conservative side, and they really had a good deal to say for themselves about not eating meat.

 Humans have always been cannibals, and in some respects the devouring of an enemy slain in battle is less shocking than the eating of a pet family cow. 

But the reform made its way notwithstanding, and if I am not mistaken, we are bound just as surely to advance beyond the system of quasi-cannibalism in which we live, and which has no justification except the fact that it has always existed. 

Veganism is a true cause and should be re-invented as political.

It is up to Vegans to progress to the next stage, and in turn; forget factory food alternatives, trendy diets and the strange idea of only loving domestic animals.

It is time to stand up for animals, promote human change and vote for the UK Vegan Party to have your say.

Plase contact info@veganpicks.co.uk for more details of how you can be involved in the UK’s first Vegan political party.