Most modern Vegans know that slaughterhouses are full of diseased meat and blood quenching practices which must result in harm to the human race, viz. a virus.

It is time Vegans looked at the end destination for livestock transport and what are the consequences of ill-treating animals unfortunate to enter these premises of blood. 

It is a well-known fact that from the aesthetic point of view slaughterhouses are blots upon the face of the earth, and in a half-unconscious recognition of this fact humans mostly hide them away out of the average person’s sight. 

It is quite possible, indeed, for most Vegans to go through life without ever seeing or having an opinion on one of these animal killer warehouses.

However, they still exist, and Vegans must educate people on their barbaric practises and transport.

It is fact well known that by butchering our fellow animals we are indulging in a totally unnecessary cruelty. That butchery is cruel is so self-evident that it is hardly necessary to dwell upon the fact, and this cruelty usually attends the life of the animal victim from the absolute beginning is equally cruel.

Indeed, in the EU agricultural policies dictate that when it comes to cattle then cows are usually left to their own devices all winter long, temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit, and the climate disadvantages of herbage being frequently buried in snow is not challenged, resulting in many deaths of cows. 

In fact, it should come as no surprise that a large number of cattle are expected to die from cold and starvation every year in Europe; this is EU policy (for better profits and equality of farming allowances are uppermost in the minds amongst agricultural members).

If this wasn’t bad enough then EU laws allow most live cattle to be transported thousands of miles from EU countries, on cattle trains or concentration type lorries, in the dead of winter or in the scorching heats of summer (June), left for hours and even days without food or water.

It is to the credit of animal rights activists in the 1990s that UK protestors in Kent have for years tried to stop this barbaric practise and; still today gather, organise and try to prevent this barbaric transport of live animals across Europe, they are true heroes indeed.

Meanwhile it is worth mentioning that pro-EU people will say that livestock are transported by safe means within the rules and that animals are legally distanced within these lorries to prevent fatalities enroute.

 Do not believe this meat-eating EU propaganda since the final destination  of livestock is, and will always be, an abattoir somewhere in the EU where these poor creatures  are openly  received by docile human workers , who will  try to make a living much more profitable than their human skills will allow, by killing so many animals by the minute within EU rule. These human slaves are to be pitied .

In some cases, even death must be prolonged in order to make the meat white, viz. by the process of blood dredging usus gustum.

To most humans there is no scientific difference between dead bodies. The body, after death, whether it be that of a man or ox or dog, is a corpse, and nothing but a corpse, and we feel instinctively that a corpse is unclean, so this gives butchers the right to do whatever they wish with animal meat (not human of course)

And so, it is that Vegans invariably shrink from looking at, or touching corpses and are full of such incredulity when carnivora freely eat them, covered in garlic or whatever their gourmet choice of sauce.

Veganpicks urges all Vegans to protest and stop these blood thirsty abattoirs from practicing the illegal torture of animals in the EU and China.

The EU and China must respect animal rights and follow the much tougher UK animal rights rules.

In memoriam to Jill Phipps the first martyr for veganism and a fierce critic of the EU CAP.

For more information on this pioneering heroine visit: