New product alert!

Veganpicks Immune Protection is a new immunity formula created to help and boost the immune system in order to fight off infection and also prevent that bat eating thingy.

This vegan formula is a tailored combination of both immunity ingredients and highly potent herbal anti-virals combined with anti-bacteria organic herbs which will offer essential immune support.

Anyway, its new, organic, vegan and will hopefully allow you to stay safe.

Take care, and in case you were wondering here is a short list of their product’s wonderfully nutritious ingredients:

INGREDIENTS (in summary) per 1 capsule: suitable for 100% VEGANS.

Vitamin C (512mg)
Acerola Cherry                                           
Baobab Fruit Powder                                       
Astragalus Root                                               
Black Pepper                      
Black Aged Garlic                                             
Olive Leaf
Reishi Mushroom
Black Elderberry
Grapefruit Seed
Ginger Root
Lactobacillus Acidophilus (from 10 billion CFU/g)
Vitamin E                                                   
Vitamin B6                                                     
Vitamin D 

All the above ingredients are 100% organic and 100% vegan, so please feel free to support your immune system and also protect defenceless animals, to boot, by ordering from this link: