“Amino acids are as any wiki person, anorak or failing amateur soft body builder may say are the building blocks for life on earth!”

In most respects it is a grandiose statement to make which, of course, calls, in turn, for an investigation into this puerile cliche,  viz.

The investigation:

Lots of body builders, keep fit disciples and gym bunnies are obsessed with amino acids and their beneficial properties to enhance and build spectacular muscle.

In all cases it is worth considering the staring point viz.  the amount of hard physical work (in the gym), which one should religiously undertake before the taking of any helpful and healthy vegan supplements, in order to produce the desired results.

 Amino Acid might be considered to be a short cut to gaining muscle mass but without hard physical work, and a nutritious diet, they are quite rightfully considered superfluous on their own.

At any rate let us look at the benefits of taking amino acid supplements to improve physical development.


Protein is the most abundant nitrogen-containing compound in the physical body.

Protein is one of the five classes of complex biomolecules present in cells and tissues, the others being DNA, RNA, polysaccharides and lipids. T

The polymerization of amino acid through synthesis of peptide bonds contributes to the formation and structural formation of proteins,

These may contain two or more polypeptide chains forming multimeric proteins, forming multimeric proteins, with the individual chains being termed subunits.

Proteins are the workhorses in cells and organs and their building blocks are the amino acids, which are joined together according to a sequence by the base sequence of their DNA (Generic), and so they serve as the currency of protein nutrition and metabolism.

At any rate what follows is a technical short list of amino acids and their response to protein functions, which may help some people in deciding which of of these amino supplements are for them, viz.

A short list of Amino Acid functions.

It is quite technical but informative all the same.

Amino Acids

Substrates for protein synthesis:                      Codon substitute.

Regulators of protein turnover:                        Leucine, cysteine; arginine; glutamine.

Regulators of enzyme activity (allosteric):     Glutamate and NAG synthase.

Phenylamine and PAH activation.

Precursor signal transducer                            Arginine and nitric acid

Methylation reactions                                    Methionine

Neurotransmitter                                           Tryptophan (serotonin): glutamine

Ion fluxes                                                        Taurine, glutamine

Precursor of “physiologic” molecules            Arg (creatinine); Glu-(NH,2), purines

                                                                        Histidine/ beta alanine (carnosine) 

                                                                        Cysteine/glycine/glutamate (glutathione).

Transport of nitrogen                                     Alanine; glu-(NH2).

Regulator of gene transcription                     Amino acid depletion and asparagine synthase                                                                     gene activation.

Regulator of mRNA translation                      Leucine alters activity of initiation factor 4E-BP and P70 (65K) via mTOR signalling pathway.

This short table is very long already, so I think it best if we draw our breaths and commit ourselves to continue at a later stage

To be continued…

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