I have tried not to enter the debate or even to comment on this meat driven virus; mainly because it is so obvious to vegans that  the cause (barbaric wet markets in China) , is plain to see, however, it is quite clear that vegans should, at some point, have a more detailed veganistic view on this contemporary subject in order to articulate their well versed opinions, and defend and amplify their argument, so here is mine, (for what it’s worth).

The virus originated in China primarily because of this country’s barbaric abuse of animals for consumption by humans,  hoc factum est.

On the other hand, why this naked abuse of animals viciously spread to become an all-consuming and deadly world-wide virus, which rapidly spread to animal loving western cultures is baffling.

For instance, there are no wet markets that I know of, which exist in the west, or even bull-fighting Mediterranean countries, that would dare practice the same barbaric methods of slaughter for meals than these soi-disant Asian markets.

When it comes to the sale of or butchering of wild animals for the sake of a tastier meat treat for humans these people are in a league of their own, quod.

This leads me to believe that the only conclusion we can reasonably make is that the barbarism shown and performed on animals, in Asia, was probably the originating point for transmission by accident or otherwise from Asian meat markets to a local human host through the consumption of raw wildlife (and blood)  mixed with the slaughter of traditionally prepared meat 

This proximity and transmission were not only multiplied by contact through intimate human contact, but also via the tendency of this virus to hop through the air and land on a receptive protein host, regardless of biological form, gender, age and culture.

Similar to ancient slaughterhouses 

This simple fact, however, has escaped the skills and knowledge of certain scientists today, and goes a long way to explain why these scientific experts have, to this day, not even identified why certain humans are more receptive to this virus than others.

At any rate, in this respect I give my opinion. You can take it or not viz.

Opinion piece.

The perception that food consists more than food itself is still a fact today.

For example:  social interaction whilst dining, in many countries, is seen as a family sine qua non to explain the culture and a certain traditional way of life.

It is in one respect a culturally normative manner in which social norms, imperatives, kinship, social interaction, respect and love of family is culturally finalised and expressed.

Bearing in mind and (on the other hand) cultural taboos are in the main, traditionally observed and mostly amplified when it comes to the consuming of certain foods which are either rigidly followed or refrained from because of; religious customs or ancient health benefits.

Following on from this it probably explains why certain countries develop virus symptoms before others, because (I think) it is related from the obvious fact that certain countries are consuming unethically sourced local food, mainly animal products, because of cultural and traditional beliefs and therefore do not have the wherewithal to challenge their own beliefs.

 It is without doubt that health professionals, health organisations, and governments must, and should, pay urgent attention to the fact that numerous audits of wild animal hunting, all over the world, are being neglected for the sake of local traditional consumption and, of course, finance. 

Furthermore watch out for the possibilities of future viruses erupting because of the same ignorance of animal cruelty, the eating of diseased meat or probably because of adherence to various religious practises.

Instead of living in the past why not turn yourselves to seeking  universal animal rights, not only for the sake of our own petty existence but for the health of sentiment beings as a whole, and the other non-sentient animal members of what we call the world.

The conclusion of this whole virus question is not complicated to vegans viz. we must understand that we cannot survive as a species or planet unless we refrain from the barbaric practise of meat-eating.

Up yours China and Go Vegan!