As a rule of thumb leafy vegetables contain less protein and starch but rank higher in mineral salt than fruits and berries.

Because of this they are ideally suited to balance acid producing starches, fat and protein in most of our diets.

The mineral salts contained in vegetables are produced in larger amounts than in any other foods and are excellent for the blood, bones, nerves and make for good antiseptics, blood cleansers, and of course, produce positive electromagnetic energy in the body.

It is obvious that hardly any of the raw vegetables which are eaten raw are not improved by being cooked. Cooking of vegetables demolishes the benefits derived from their inherent vitamins and, in turn, damages the vegetable protoplasm itself.

Uncooked Cereals.

Vegans everywhere are familiar with the benefits of seeds but are probably not aware of their role in life matter.

All seeds such as, cereals, nuts and legumes, when used as food are, therefore, rich in life’s nutrients (also in vital vitamins), and these vital constituents remain unimpaired and most beneficial in uncooked foods.

Raw starches of cereals should be freshly ground, soaked, dried and flaked in a grinder, then added to meals on a regular basis.

It is advised that whole grains should be prepared at home and not factory bought.


Many new vegans mention that they no longer feel thirsty after adopting a vegan diet than they were, previously, on a meat diet.

This is because vegetables and fruit contain ninety percent of water and are sufficient for the body’s water needs.

Because these vegetables are not heated, they retain large amounts of pure and wholesome fluids, as against the poisonous acids contained in meat (including meat sauces) which irritate our systems.

This meat-eating fad requires vast amounts of water just to flush away the poisonous ingredients in the flesh diet, which explains the large amount of water meat eaters tend to drink with their meals.

A short but sweet blog this time, however it is worth noting that such a small enquiry on the benefits of raw food does throw up some excellent reasons to eat raw food for its natural goodness and the obvious downsides of heating up nutritional produce.


Based on Lindlahr’s cookbook, by A.Lindhlar

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