Re-reading PROPER NUTRITION by DR J P Mols and his chapter on Herbs, shows clearly what the puzzles are. It is not a superficial treatment of the benefits of herbs (as are most writers on the subject are today), but it is clear that documents have been searched and the material obtained, digested, and presented in a readable form.

It is this chapter on herbs which is relevant to disease, health and our physiological chemistry, which is even more significant for our own health today.

Here is a precis of this admirable chapter, viz.,

The atmospheric influences are contraction upon the eliminating valves, lungs, kidney, bowels and skin in winter.

Thereby they retain many of the elements in in the bloodstream which produce a blood filled with impurities.

Living on vegetables raised artificially in hothouses, on unhealthy manure, or stimulated with chemicals will not tend to better the condition because they lack the acid splitting mineral elements [see veganpicks blog on minerals].

The varied systems of transport have enabled us to import many vegetables from all over the world at cheaper prices than home grown products, which has been of benefit for the average person to buy these vegetables, in the winter, sufficiently to properly balance our meals.

In the old days [when this book chapter was written] fewer vegetables were purchased in the winter resulting in too much nitrogenous food (acid producing) and not enough acid neutralizing food (sodium, calcium, magnesia, iron, calium).

In addition some think they can “beat nature to it” , by putting poisons which have caused abnormal conditions in the animal body into a test tube and when they find out the element which will neutralize the disease maker, use them in the human body, thinking it will work the same as in the test tube, ignoring the emotional influences radiating in the human mind.

The outcome is the development from a minor into a major disease.

We cannot harmoniously beat nature in its physiology chemistry [Nota Bene].

As soon as the earth is sufficiently warmed by the sunrays (Spring) the plants will grow with their rich amount of organic mineral elements, supplying us with all that we need for a housecleaning process in our body.

In many cases our body is choked up with morbid matter and has to start that cleaning process in a radical form such as fevers in local parts of the human system.

It is up to all of us to clean our house before we choke up with filth. 

Centuries ago people went out and picked herbs to use in spring cure (cleaning the body of morbid matter).

Many have the conception that laxatives will perform the function, however over stimulation of the internal organs and more enervation [fatigue] of the eliminating organs is the result of such a process.

We can bring our blood back to its proper alkalinity with a combination of herbs which are available for anyone in nature.

How to take herbs

Take freshly picked herbs of your choice, pop in a grinder and add to one pint of boiling water, let steep for fifteen minutes.

Take one cupful about one hour before every meal during spring months or at least two hours after meals.

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