This will be the last recipe (for the moment) originally prepared all the way back in the early 20th century.

I must say it is a belter and is also perfect to cook at home generally for two.

Please remember to add your own variations and, of course, to eat healthy and wise.


Take two large heads of celery, cleanse it well and chop it up very finely; take a small onion, parboil it, also a small shallot; chop them up very finely also; mix all together thoroughly.

Make a vegan mayonnaise sauce of your choosing, and add a teaspoon of made mustard (not shop bought),  a tablespoon of tarragon vinegar, a dessertspoonful of plain vinegar, and stir up again:  then pour in a tablespoonful of coconut cream and after that four or five tablespoonfuls of vegetable oil drop by drop, stir till it is as thick as vegan cream , and mix in the celery and onion.

Oil a plain round mould (or tin) and fill in this salad mixture, let it stand in the freezer for twelve hours and turn it out.

Have ready cut some rounds of beetroot stamped out with a cutter about the size of a florin (fifty pence piece), with scalloped edges, and decorate the outside of the moulded salad with it; on the top cut the rounds of beetroot into halves and stand them up all round the edge ; put a little piece of the celery with the green top on it in the middle of the top, and serve some more all round the base, with

Salad potatoes cut in half quarters here and there on the moulded salad. 

Little dariole moulds can be filled with this mixture as a variety, but the beetroot must then be cut the size of sixpences. 

End of recipe.

What a lovely and simple recipe; and if you follow the recipe exactly it will amaze by colour and taste.

It is one to impress the boss at your next dinner party.