This is a wonderfully light and tasty recipe all the way from 1909.

The food might be classed as simple peasant, but anything from the ancient land of Luis Vaz De Camoes and not from the commercially compromised Algarve, must be worthy, these days, of consideration and indeed cooking.

You know the score so here is the prose recipe [modified for vegans], Bon Appetite!


Slice half-a-dozen ripe tomatoes, season with pepper and salt, and put little pieces of Flora vegan butter here and there upon them.

Mince two onions finely, sprinkle over the tomatoes, cover the saucepan slowly, and let them simmer till done.

Have ready four ounces of freshly boiled rice.

Stir this in with the tomatoes and mix thoroughly.

Turn out on a hot dish and send brown mushroom sauce in a tureen to hand with it.


This is a surprisingly refreshing dish to serve and eat, and so easy to make; why not give it a go at your next dinner party.