Veganpicks has decided to conduct a few short reviews of certain books that are currently available on not only Vegan matters, but also CBD subjects.

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook- The Definitive Guide to Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana” by Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas, Green Candy Press, 2014

This is a glossy paperback book of c. 220 pp which include high-quality images and a few recipes thrown in.

The Authors are a medicinal cannabis campaigner/ activist, and a former commercial grower.

The book itself is a fairly comprehensive account of the growth and uses of the cannabis plant and painstakingly trawls the internet for research material in a valiant attempt to fill in the gaps in a reader’s CBD knowledge.

In this respect special attention has been focussed, throughout, on the medicinal as opposed to the cultural aspects of the plant. 

In addition to chapters dealing with wider  interests, such as the legal position of cannabis use, for example, special sections are devoted to the study of the growth of the plant itself; the various medicinal benefits of the plant, a useful how to make CBD Medicinal Oil chapter, informative tips on growing the plant and Canna-Edible recipes to try in the kitchen.

An added bonus, included in this guidebook, is a copious bibliography of internet resources (References), a welcome inclusion to the book since it will lead the reader to further research in the fascinating world of Medical Cannabis.

As an introduction to the medicinal benefits of growing and using Cannabis this guidebook is a great piece of haute vulgarisation, for which anyone who is interested in exploring the world of CBD must be grateful since it covers nearly all the ground from every useful angle.

Veganpicks would therefore have no hesitation in recommending this erudite publication to our Vegan and CBD friends.

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