There is a lot of media talk (at the moment) about something called wokeness and a new political shift to Identity politics (whatever that may be), at any rate we do hope vegans will not be included in this narrow band of whatever.

Therefore to provide clarity and, of course, to divorce Vegans from this divisive debate, Veganpicks has decided to issue its first communique, which is to be taken with a fine grain of salt.

Veganpicks’s Manifesto on Veganism viz,.

1, It is a sine qua non that Veganism is today seen as a movement of power for universal good, which is to be welcomed by all.

2, Veganism should be allowed to publish or broadcast vegan views, in any media, without fear of sarcasm or censure.

3, Veganism should not, as a philosophy, include divisive identity politics or spiritual leanings derived from the past.

4, Veganism should encourage Vegans to refrain from identifying themselves as “ I am a Vegan” (a Latin complement, perhaps) before being formally introduced to anyone.

5, Animal rights are not to be promoted or sanctioned by Vegan casuists or Sophists in any guise.

6, Veganism should welcome, unequivocally, all classes, political or social.

7, Veganism does not hold in contempt the views of the working class, the masses or anyone disagreeing with their aims.

8, Veganism is for universal suffrage without compromise to any trends.

9, Veganism supports animal rights full stop.

9, Veganism recognises climate change as real and originally descended from the meat-eating classes

10, Veganism is to be intellectualized by friendly vegans and not by meat-eating academics.

This communique will be added to as circumstances dictate.


Copyright 2020, Veganpicks