In a quite ridiculous (some might say) and surreal expose, the UK Guardian newspaper has published a leaked police document detailing terrorist organisations which are encouraging radical thought not only by their ideas but also by the wearing or display of accompanying symbols.

This “vade mecum” for UK police officers, is probably meant to be used when officers police legitimate protests, and mainly consists of written instructions to inform constables what sort of individuals or troublemakers’ flags or insignia to keep an eye on whenever and whereever demonstrations might occur whatever the protest.

This almost pythonesque guidance not only displays in all their glory, the usual right and left wing insignias but also insignia and badges of the vegan movement as well.

It is hard to believe that a soi-disant police authority has deemed to class all protest movements, no matter what the cause, as suspicious, and as such by the wearing of badges and the flying of flags, these organisations are most likely, infiltrated by terrorist organisations with their own agendas and more importantly for them, their own flags and badges. It really seems for the erstwhile establishment and for the policing authorities badges and flags are almost blasphemous and a flagrant revolutionary act of defiance.

It would be nearer the truth to say that the authorities are blindly living in cloud-cuckoo land when it comes to listening to the truth of legitimate protestors, no matter what the protest, and because of this the establishment is focussing on trivialities such as badges and flags rather than the important issues of public protest.

Allied with the actually atrocious record of UK police when it comes to wrongful arrests, corruption and political interference it beggars belief that such a force can be believed to safe- guard legitimate protestors at all, never-mind, protecting the public at large.

Veganpicks suggest that all vegans wear their vegan and ALF badges willy-nilly whenever they feel like, fly their vegan flags with pride, and ignore this Keystone Cops approach to policing in the UK.