Most vegans will have heard of a ground-breaking victory in a UK court last week,

when an ethical vegan employee claimed that he was sacked by his employer for advising colleagues that their pension fund was being invested in unethical companies.

The court ruled in favour of the ethical vegan and in essence ruled that “Vegan” is a legitimate philosophical belief protected under UK law.

Employment law is now changed, and UK vegans are protected, in future, on the grounds of the above case.

UK Vegans are probably thankful (and a little surprised) concerning this ruling, but do we really know what impact this judgement will have on today’s ordinary “vegan at work”.

For instance; are vegans in general protected or is this just “ethical vegans” and as such the term becomes more than a future adjectival title issue.

Perhaps, after this judgement the fear might be that employers may well add a new box to future employment application forms indicating if one is “ethical vegan” rather than just ‘vegan’ which may confuse matters for new vegans when it comes to recruitment and job selection for both management and workers.

 In addition will there be guidelines issued for employers and if so by whom and under what authority.

Can vegan workers and management expect the guidance of Trade unions and (more importantly) are Trade Union officials and executive management aware of vegan employment issues.

All of these questions will no doubt be answered in the future, in the meantime it is a case of wait and see if employment guidelines will be issued.

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