Dirty or Clean Vegan, what is the difference in diet ?

We do not claim to know the answers to this increasingly divisive question but we shall try and offer some short pointers not only to see if you identify as Clean or Dirty, but also to understand what is the definitive answer ou there. Firstly let us look at:

Dirty Vegan

From what we can gather a Dirty Vegan is a Vegan (obviously) that eats artificial ingredients, doesn’t take much interest in sugar content and is not too fussed about consuming refined food. In addition a Dirty Vegan frequents fast-food outlets and corporate supermarkets in an effort to consume equivalents to any sort of meat such as ribs, burgers, fried chicken, pies, etc. or anything which the big food producers and chain restaurants may introduce to grab a share of the burgeoning vegan market. Also it is not clear if a Dirty Vegan puts any restrictions on alcohol or sugary drinks consumption in favour of water. Now let us look at:

Clean Vegan

It appears a Clean Vegan is a Vegan that eats mainly plants and organic vegetables from whole food suppliers and retail outlets though some clean products are available from corporate supermarkets. In addition Clean Vegans tend to shun meat equivalents, sugary drinks, processed food  and chain restaurants in favour of eating their own home made foods, dining with like-minded vegans and consuming low sugar products and organic food. Water is an essential for drinking and like a Dirty Vegan it is not clear if a Clean Vegan puts any restrictions on alcohol consumption. Conclusions: This brief summary has left out the nutritional benefits of either diets and also the preferences for animal-cruelty free products. A Clean Vegan diet should aid body composition and well-being, whereas the Dirty Vegan diet should make it easier for anyone thinking of transitioning to a Vegan diet. Ultimately both diets help and amplify the benefits of Going Vegan. By the way we made up the definition Clean Vegan as we have no idea what the antonym of a Dirty Vegan is called. Veganpicks is committed to selling products that are animal cruelty free and 100% vegan, feel free to browse our health store. For more information on the Vegan Lifestyle please visit: https://vegansociety.com https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/the-vegan-diet/