Dogs are so wonderful. From Ancient times until today they will always be called “(wo)man’s best friend. Homer in his great poem “The Odyssey” captures the extraordinarily emotional response of his faithful dog Argus when Odysseus returns home to after his long journey returning from Troy. Homer describes in a beautiful passage that a disguised Odysseus,accompanied by his swineherd, secretly returns to his house and is startled to find his old companion Argus seated outside the gates. At once Argus recognises Odysseus and starts to prick up his ears in recognition of his master and friend. Upon seeing his dog Odysseus cannot hold in his emotions and furtively wipes away a tear. What a beautiful description of a dog’s character from Homer and possibly the real reason we all love dogs, a dog’s loyalty. Interesting book about Argus’s views on Odysseus’ journey for children see Amazon’s preview here: