In more ways than one it has never been easier to Go Vegan!

From the point of view of a new Vegan hesitating to enter the vegan shopping world there should be on offer a dedicated Vegan Store to visit either online or, if you are lucky, a Vegan supermarket nearby ; not to mention a lot of high street supermarkets offering Vegan friendly products such as meat and dairy alternatives.

In addition if you are looking for cruelty-free and Vegan fashion then a few Vegan Clothing stores are opening up here and there, (or teaming up with high end fashion retailers on-line), in the ethical market too Vegan Beauty products are readily available on-line or in the High Street; even Vegan Chocolate suppliers are marching in and hoovering up the Vegan sweet tooth therefore it really is a delight to say that our Vegan and ethical taste buds have never been so well massaged.

This very informative YouTube video from LifeisNOYOKE is well worth a look at if you are new to the Vegan lifestyle.

But is there more to being a Vegan than just visiting a Vegan Store, shunning animal products or dining in a local Vegan restaurant?

To try and answer this existential question I have asked Mike from the Veganpicks team to look at a bit of animal eating history (if such a thing exists) and hopefully come to some conclusions. His mainly philosophical findings are published below.